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You are a Trailblazer!

Scroll to find an overview of your maturity level and best practices to drive climate maturity beyond your own company’s influence.
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You're a Trailblazer! So what does that mean?

Your data collection and analysis processes are repeatable and actionable. While you may always need to evolve to align with changing standards or re-baseline from business changes, the bulk of your energy in this phase should be on carrying out reduction action — not just for your operations, but across your value chain.

Common signs of a program at the Trailblazer level:

  • You’re using primary data for the bulk of your emissions calculations, even in scope 3.
  • You’re actively investing in clear emissions reduction activities and tracking the results, using granular data and clear trends to inform prioritization.
  • You’re engaging with suppliers and partners to help them meet clear decarbonization goals that align with your scope 3 targets.

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    Next best steps to drive your maturity even further

    Here are three steps we suggest you take to drive maturity in your organization’s climate program:


    Work with your leadership team — both C-level and department heads — to bake decarbonization into the entire company’s business plans. Distributing ownership across teams can help you accelerate action and ensure the entire company is working in the same direction.


    If you haven’t yet, integrate the direct data across your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions into product-level accounting. This is often the last piece of the puzzle required to move away from industry averages and into fully actionable and strategically valuable emissions data.


    You’re ahead of the curve with your climate program, which means you can take the lead in corporate decarbonization. Look for ways to share your learnings and drive forward standardization across your industry to help accelerate action beyond your own company’s influence. Consider investing in emerging green technologies that will accelerate your transition to the low-carbon economy.


    HPE collaborates with suppliers to reduce scope 3 emissions

    HPE recognized that supply chain emissions made up a significant portion of their environmental footprint and that they’d need to engage with their suppliers to drive down emissions together.

    They set up 80 percent of their manufacturing suppliers on Optera’s Supply Chain Manager to access their own emissions data, visualize reduction targets, and track progress against their peers. Focusing on a collaborative, rather than punitive, supplier engagement program has enabled HPE to accelerate their scope 3 net zero goals.


    Are you ready to drive your industry forward?

    When you’re ready to bake decarbonization into your entire company’s business plans and drive your industry into the decarbonized future, our team is here to help.

Accelerate your climate program maturity.