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We take pride in delivering high quality work and building strong relationships. This approach has led us to become the trusted long-term partner of many corporate sustainability programs.

  • Active
  • Environmental Footprints & Emissions Inventories
  • Scope 3 Emissions Assessment & Roadmap
  • Supply Chain Emissions Management & Supplier Engagement
  • Goal-Setting & Achievement
  • Sustainability Program and Data Management
  • Reporting & Disclosure

Quantify your organization’s natural resource use and emissions impacts across your operations and value chain (Scopes 1, 2 and 3).

  • Apply best practices and recognized industry standards to calculate energy, water, waste, material and GHG emissions impacts
  • Calculate impacts of efficiency measures, renewable energy and carbon offset purchases
  • Access up-to-date emissions factors and enhance Scope 2 market-based and Scope 3 accounting
  • Develop and/or streamline data collection and inventory development process
  • Prioritize methods of reduction and estimate associated costs
  • Implement resource and emissions management best practices
  • Verify your emissions inventory according to industry standards and best practices

Gain a preliminary understanding of your organization’s Scope 3 footprint and outline steps for data collection and analysis of prioritized categories.

  • Evaluate all 15 value chain categories for relevancy and materiality
  • Determine primary data sources within your organization
  • Estimate the impact of material categories
  • Prioritize categories for further analysis and consideration in goal-setting

Manage emissions throughout your organization’s supply chain and engage suppliers to help you reach your goals.

  • Develop a comprehensive emissions inventory for Scope 3 supply chain (Purchased Goods & Services)
  • Identify carbon-intensive suppliers
  • Develop targeted goals based on allocated emissions and/or supplier engagement
  • Establish standards and engage suppliers to improve emissions performance
  • Implement systems, tools and processes to manage goals and performance
  • Implement software to support collaboration and data-sharing directly with key suppliers

Set and achieve climate and sustainability targets in ways that are credible and cost-effective (Scopes 1, 2 and 3)

  • Develop targeted emissions goals aligned with industry best practices, climate science, peers and company ambition
  • Model forward-looking scenarios to quantify gap to reach goals
  • Model reduction impact of mitigation strategies such as energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Estimate cost and level of effort required
  • Establish sustainability data management system to track progress
  • Attain third party approval or certification of goals

Implement systems, tools and processes to improve ongoing program management and enhance data management and quality

  • Track performance against sustainability and climate goals
  • Cascade organization-level targets to regions, business units and facilities
  • Enable internal teams to contribute directly to centralized data collection
  • Streamline and accelerate annual GHG inventory development
  • Validate data early to identify potential errors
  • Leverage yearly data to derive insights about your operations and inform strategic investments in energy efficiency, renewables, carbon offsets, and more

Increase transparency and enhance your relationship with investors and stakeholders

  • Communicate your organization’s quantitative environmental impacts
  • Respond accurately and appropriately to requests and questionnaires
  • Align company reports with third party reporting protocols such as CDP, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), GRESB, and Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Conduct a pre-assessment of your potential CDP score
  • Improve the quality and completeness of your response
  • Maximize your CDP score
  • Verify your inventory
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Past Work

Since 2006, Optera has supported companies across all major industries to achieve their goals. From breakthrough innovations to reliable delivery of annual reporting, we value all our client partnerships, many of which span more than a decade. 

  • Develop the first science-based target (SBT) for a supply chain
  • Engage top suppliers to set SBTs and take action to reduce emissions
  • Implement performance tracking tool and share data with suppliers

Optera collected, validated and aggregated the past emissions and future commitments of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) suppliers to develop a combined goal for HPE’s supply chain. The goal uses an allocated-emissions approach and is in line with the latest climate science (1.5 degree pathway). Optera worked closely with HPE to establish supplier requirements and a framework for one-on-one supplier support. HPE deployed the Optera Platform to support ongoing management of the SBT and top supplier performance.


In 2017, HPE announced the world’s first comprehensive supply chain management program based on climate science. The Company’s target became the world’s first science-based target for a supply chain, and was approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) in 2019. HPE continues to use the Optera Platform and to work with the Optera team to support ongoing management and supplier engagement.

  • Improve confidence in reported sustainability metrics
  • Streamline data collection across a diverse portfolio of properties and operations
  • Track ongoing progress toward goals

Optera provided consulting guidance and supported Xanterra in transitioning from annualized data collection in Excel spreadsheets to ongoing data collection and management in the Optera Platform.


In 2019, Xanterra developed its Scope 1, 2 and limited Scope 3 inventory in the Optera Platform. Xanterra continues to use the platform to develop annual, verifiable emissions inventories, and to support ongoing communication of sustainability metrics and progress against goals to company leadership, customers and guests. Through the platform, sustainability managers at Xanterra’s facilities access key analytics and use them to set and manage targets, prioritize actions and optimize sustainability investments. Xanterra has earned industry recognition for its sustainability efforts and communication, including awards from the World Wildlife Fund, National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and Center for Energy & Climate Solutions, among others.

  • Quantify operational and value chain GHG emissions footprint
  • Provide tools, documentation and knowledge-transfer to Sustainability Team to facilitate future emissions inventory development with minimal external support
  • Identify pathways to achieve carbon neutrality goals

Optera worked with Grove’s Sustainability Team to develop a comprehensive Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions inventory. Optera conducted target feasibility analysis and supported executive engagement to select an ambitious science-based target and allocate budget to mitigation. Optera provided targeted guidance regarding procurement of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.


In 2020, Grove committed to carbon neutrality for its operations and portions of its Scope 3 value chain. Grove developed its most recent Scope 1 and 2 inventory with limited consulting support from the Optera Team. Grove is currently working with Optera to explore science-based targets and mitigation strategies for key aspects of its Scope 3 value chain. 

  • Assess global and industry trends in climate action
  • Evaluate corporate emissions performance through the lens of climate science
  • Identify key milestones of achievement
  • Identify tangible, near-term opportunities to enhance corporate climate action

Using comprehensive datasets provided by project partner CDP, Optera developed a database of historic corporate emissions and climate action spanning 10 years. Optera then analyzed global, industry and company emissions reduction performance against climate science.


The Optera Team presented findings from its analysis to the World Economic Forum’s CEO Climate Alliance during Climate Week in NYC in September 2019, and supported Forum communications with member companies in advance of Davos 2020. Optera conducted and presented findings from a similar analysis in 2021 that focused on trends in emissions target-setting, mitigation strategies and supply chain management.  Read more.