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Intentional solutions, built to scale

Optera makes decarbonization manageable across all emissions scopes and categories. Our platform brings together technology solutions designed by climate leaders and supported by experts. For the decarbonization problems your organization has now or in the future, our solutions are designed to meet you where you are and scale as you grow.

  • Emissions Calculation and Management

    Your impact across Scope 1, 2, and 3

    Get the full picture of your organization’s resource use and emissions across scope 1, 2, and 3 – your full operations and value chain – to inform decision making and track progress towards your goals. The Optera platform centralizes this disparate data to make it easier to see the full scope of your business’s emissions profile, so you can spend less time calculating and more time acting.

    • Global emissions factor library
    • Data validation and bulk ingest tools
    • Auditability
    • Hotspot identification
    • Benchmarking against peers
    • Forecasting against targets
    Solutions - Emissions calculation & management
  • ESG reporting and disclosure

    Annual emissions inventory aligned with third party protocols

    As regulations and requirements continue to evolve, it can be challenging to make sure your organization is accurately recording key data to stay compliant. Optera makes it straightforward to confidently report on your annual emissions, aligning with third party reporting protocols like CDP, GRI, GRESB, and TCFD.

    • Auditability
    • CDP disclosure preparation
    • Mapping quantitative responses to disclosure questions
    Solutions - ESG Reporting & disclosure
  • Decarbonization targets and roadmaps

    Ambitious, achievable, and actionable

    Beginning the process of decarbonization may feel complicated and confusing, often with no clear starting point or path forward. With our team of experts and our emissions management software, we can help you set ambitious but achievable targets in line with climate science, and guide where to focus your efforts to drive action.

    • Hotspot identification
    • Forecasting against targets
    • Modeling mitigation strategies
    Solutions Decarbonization Targets Roadmaps
  • Supply chain management and engagement

    Make Scope 3 actionable across your supply chain

    Take accountability for your Scope 3, Category 1 emissions and set a program to drive collaboration and reduction across your suppliers and vendors. Calculate allocated emissions, track supplier progress, and prioritize and manage supplier engagement, all within Optera’s platform.

    • Robust supplier dataset
    • Hotspot identification
    • Emission allocations
    • Custom supplier tracking
    • Direct collaboration with suppliers
    Drive meaningful supply chain decarbonization with targeted insights and scope 3 emissions management
Software + Consulting

Supported by experts

While our platform is designed to provide all of the insights you need to power key decisions, knowing how to interpret that data – and apply it to your strategy– can be challenging. To support your efforts, all software users are paired with Optera expert consultants to assist with information structure and analysis, and to advise on how to turn your organization’s emissions data into action.

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