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Accelerate your supply chain decarbonization

Supply Chain Manager

Drive meaningful supply chain decarbonization with targeted insights and scope 3 emissions management

Comprehensive scope 3 data and emissions management, designed for complex supply chain decarbonization

Drive meaningful climate action throughout your supply chain. Optera’s Supply Chain Manager helps you collect, store, and forecast emissions data across your global suppliers, giving you the data and insights you need to drive action toward your net zero goals.

  • Tailor data collection and engagement approach

    Data coverage at all levels of supplier maturity

    Automatically pull in data for over 10,000 suppliers in our database, work directly with suppliers to get additional data, and fill in the gaps with estimates and averages for a complete view of scope 3 emissions.

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  • Comply with the latest standards and regulations

    Leading-edge practices for scope 3 accounting

    With Optera’s cradle-to-gate accounting, allocate your suppliers’ scope 3 emissions to your own purchased goods and services calculations.

    Meet CSRD, CBAM, and other scope 3 regulatory standards with compliant accounting, data, and methodology.

    Submit third-party verification information seamlessly, with all data sources and methodology clearly documented in-platform.

    Drive meaningful supply chain decarbonization with targeted insights and scope 3 emissions management
  • Prioritize engagement for greater impact

    Supplier-specific data and health metrics

    Identify suppliers with the greatest emissions risk and reduction opportunities to prioritize deeper engagement for supply chain decarbonization.

    Set customizable supplier standards across data quality, targets, and action—and use performance to segment your supply chain and develop tailored activation plans.

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  • Get expert support

    Ongoing services from sustainability experts

    Every Optera customer is supported by our team of sustainability experts. Turn your scope 3 emissions data into action with their assistance, analysis, and advice.

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Outreach module

Guided pathways for all levels of vendor maturity

The Outreach module makes it easy for suppliers to submit, calculate, or estimate their emissions data—no matter how mature their climate program is—so you can give them the tools they need to decarbonize.

  • Guided workflows walk suppliers through the emissions Reporting, Calculation, or Estimation process to make it easy and understandable.
  • Free emissions inventory: Suppliers can calculate or estimate a first-time emissions inventory at no cost.
  • Reduced “survey fatigue”: Suppliers only need to submit data once annually, even if multiple customers request data from the same supplier.
  • Education support: No matter their level of maturity, Optera can help you educate and activate your suppliers—from emissions 101 to decarbonization recommendations.

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Designed to decarbonize large, complex supply chains


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