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We are Optera

Optera was founded in 2006, originally operating as a boutique corporate sustainability consulting firm called Point380. Our founders were key contributors to ground-breaking publications – Winning the Oil Endgame, Reinventing Fire, and The 3% Solution – that informed the foundations of corporate climate action. These studies culminated in a report commissioned to launch the influential We Mean Business Coalition called The Climate Has Changed.

Around the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2016, it had become clear that consulting alone could not move the needle on corporate sustainability quickly enough to meaningfully enable global decarbonization. This need inspired the creation of Optera, the software company dedicated to scaling carbon management to empower corporations to transition to zero emissions. Built on the insights from consulting for many of the world’s largest corporate sustainability programs, Optera’s software launched in 2018 and has since been adopted by leading organizations like Cisco, HPE, Lowes, NVIDIA, TJX, and Williams Sonoma. As the need for climate action increases, we’re set to grow and scale along with our clients. We believe that existential questions require concrete tools, and this is how we can make the most impact in the fight against climate change.

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About - Our mission
Our mission

We enable
corporations to stop climate change

Major corporations are the largest emitters of carbon emissions. Our team designs and delivers the sustainability management solutions that help companies reduce the climate impact of their operations, supply chains, and products.

Our Team

Aaron Eischeid
Senior Software Engineer
Abby Gold
Director of People Operations
Alekhya Reddy
VP of Product
Alexa Ghiz
Ali Rangwala
Software Engineer
Andrew Cummings
Director, Client Services
Andrew Schlaepfer
Engineering Manager
Annie Schein
Account Executive
Britt Daiss
Sustainability Project Director
Catherine Tran
Senior Product Manager
Chris Wilson
Junior Software Engineer
Christina D’Astolfo
Senior Software Engineer - Backend
Cody Booher
Senior Software Engineer
Dave Zelinka
Climate Data Specialist
Derek Kuhl
VP of Sales
Emily Eck
Product Manager
Hayden Siekman
Senior Consultant
Hossam Elkady
Senior Consultant
Ilya Sukhanov
VP of Engineering
Jenny Jones
Marketing Manager
Jess Wang
Katie Oakes
VP of Marketing
Katy McNeill
Staff Product Manager
Kelsey Pintens
Senior Product Designer
Kelvin Davis
Software Engineer
Kira Scheffelmeier
Account Executive
Lisa Pitcaithley
People Operations Generalist
Lynn Socha
Manjula Rimmalapudi
Senior Software Engineer
Matthew Goodwin
Senior Engineering Manager
Megan Dunne
VP of Finance
Melanie Gower
Director of Design
Melanie MacDonald
Software Engineer
Michael Hendrix
Learning & Development Manager
Michael Tarbert
Solution Lead
Miranda Davis
Nancy Schoemann
SVP of Operations
Patrick Foley
Solution Lead
Pietro Giacomin
Junior Software Engineer
Sean McColgan
Senior Software Engineer
Shivali Marwaha
Senior Product Designer
Siddarth Sharma
Senior Consultant
Sil Brannman
Tara Hanna
Executive Assistant
Taylor Pfeiffer
Senior Consultant
Thanavath Jaroenvanit
Principal Software Engineer
Thomas Cazares
Tim Weiss
Co-Founder, CEO
Travis Roberts
Software Engineer
Ty Colman
Co-Founder, CRO
Wan Lee
Sustainability Project Director

Our advisors

Adrian Tuck
Board Member
Kirsten Suddath
Board Member
Melissa Cheong
Board Member

Our name

Optera (Op-teh-ruh) comes from two root words: optic (relating to vision or sight) and terra (the earth). It is also inspired by the Monarch Butterfly – member of the Lepidoptera family – a species that makes an annual 3000-mile migration and one that is highly susceptible to climate change.

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