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Optera Platform

Comprehensive carbon management software

Solutions - Emissions calculation & management

Measure, report, and decarbonize across the value chain

Optera’s software provides real data for the challenge of decarbonizing the global economy. Our platform empowers organizations to accurately measure and manage scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with direct and actionable information. Collect and consolidate your organization’s data—including supplier data—across your full value chain. Prioritize action with Optera’s comprehensive dashboard.  Our expert team uses the latest methods and standards to keep you ahead of the curve.

Platform - Collect

All your emissions data in one place

From utility data, to supplier spend, to product sales data – streamline your organization’s information in one place so you can focus on what really matters. Bulk upload tooling and a comprehensive database of corporate disclosures and emissions factors result in a simplified, auditable data ingestion and calculation process. All of the information collected is still reviewed by our experts to ensure accuracy, and when direct data isn’t available, we leverage our powerful data models to make strategic estimates, helping you move to action faster.

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Platform - Analyze

Compare performance across your organization—and your supply chain

Once consolidated, your dataset is analyzed to help you identify trends and outliers across sources, regions, sites, business units, suppliers, and more. Use our platform to compare how specific facilities, suppliers, products, or assets perform to prioritize your engagement and plans of action. Identify your biggest risks and opportunities toward decarbonizing your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

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Platform - Act

Take action and achieve your emissions goals

Empowered by data and insights, you can now build a plan to reach your targets, tracking meaningful progress along the way. Forecast your emissions across all categories and develop action plans based on the biggest levers for emissions reductions, i.e. your highest emitting suppliers, products, or facilities. Identify hotspots to prioritize outreach – you can even communicate directly with suppliers from within the Optera platform. See forecasted performance beside your organization’s targets and other science-based pathways, calculate the potential impact of efficiencies or renewables projects, prioritize steps for immediate action, and track the impact of your investments to proactively manage your emissions towards your goals.

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