Optera Secures Seed-2 Funding to Meet Unprecedented Demand for its ESG Management Software

March 7, 2022

Colorado-based software company Optera recently announced the completion of a $4.2M Series Seed-2 investment led by Next Frontier Capital, with participation by Blackhorn Ventures, Mucker Capital, Valo Ventures, SaaS VC, and Stout Street Capital.

This funding allows Optera to respond to the tremendous demand for its products and continue to deliver innovative solutions in the rapidly growing market for Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) software. As a trusted partner to sustainability leaders, Optera has seen incredible growth of inbound demand driven by customer referrals. The Seed-2 funding round allowed Optera to quickly raise funds to keep pace with this growth. It also enables the Optera team to continue innovating to help companies solve the hardest problems they face in addressing climate change, including management of Scope 3 emissions.

This growth and innovation is made possible by Optera’s incredibly knowledgeable and creative team. For those looking to apply their skills and make a difference in the fight against climate change, please visit Optera’s Careers page. Optera is hiring across all departments and will continue to have openings throughout the year.

The corporate sector is under unprecedented pressure to manage and reduce emissions. Optera is the only ESG management platform capable of supporting large, complex companies’ complete Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions programs in one platform. Optera’s unique shared data architecture enables sustainability teams to collaborate with suppliers and portfolio companies throughout their Scope 3 boundary to achieve common goals.

About Optera

Optera’s mission is to enable corporate sustainability teams to stop climate change. Major corporations are the largest drivers of carbon emissions and corporate sustainability teams are on the front lines of the effort to achieve net-zero emissions. Optera delivers solutions that empower sustainability teams to reduce the impacts of companies’ operations, supply chains, and products. Optera’s experienced sustainability data professionals lead the industry in supporting corporate sustainability programs across all levels of sophistication, from companies making their first steps, to established ESG leaders.