Introducing Outreach – a new tool to gather supplier data at all levels of maturity

Achieve greater accuracy and accountability in your scope 3, category 1 emissions, by helping your suppliers to report, calculate, or estimate their footprint.

Today, we are announcing a new software module – Outreach – that helps our clients effectively collect supplier emissions data from vendors at all phases of maturity.

Our Supply Chain Manager users already have access to 10,000+ companies’ emission disclosures, often making up a large portion of their supply chains. But not all mission-critical suppliers disclose (or even measure) their corporate emissions. And even those who do, don’t always report at the level of granularity needed for you to truly account for the supply chain emissions you’re responsible for.

That’s why we built the Outreach module. Unlike other surveying tools, Outreach doesn’t just collect existing emissions data from suppliers. It offers a guided workflow for suppliers to report, calculate, or estimate their emissions based on the amount of data they have available.

Three pathways for suppliers: Estimation, Calculation, and Reporting

There are three guided pathways:

  • Report: For mature suppliers that have already calculated their carbon footprints to report granular, facility-level emissions data, verification status and targets.
  • Calculate: For mid-maturity suppliers to calculate their scope 1 and 2 emissions by inputting their energy consumption data.
  • Estimate: For low-maturity suppliers to estimate their emissions based on facility details and industry averages.

With the Outreach module, part of our Supply Chain Manager product, you can assess each suppliers’ level of maturity and develop tailored engagement plans to accelerate their decarbonization journey. Suppliers have access to an educational resources hub, so they can not only learn how to use the product, but also learn about carbon accounting and decarbonization best practices.

“Companies have ambitious net zero targets and work with suppliers at many different stages of development and sophistication,” said Tim Weiss, CEO and co-founder of Optera. “The ability to close data gaps, calculate scope 3 emissions with fidelity, and increase supplier maturity gives our customers a high degree of confidence in the progress they’re making toward ESG goals.”

The Outreach module is currently available as an additional module for Optera’s Supply Chain Manager. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo with our team.

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