Dell Improves Supply Chain Emissions Accuracy Using Supplier-Specific Data

By analyzing and verifying its supplier-specific emissions in Optera’s Supply Chain Manager platform, Dell Technologies increases emissions data accuracy and gains a more holistic understanding of its scope 3, category 1 emissions. 

Dell Improves Supply Chain Emissions Accuracy Using Supplier-Specific Data

Dell Technologies is one of the largest technology software and hardware manufacturers in the world. With thousands of upstream suppliers, Dell estimates that its scope 3, category 1 emissions make up over 45% of its overall emissions. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with its supply chain represents a large opportunity to move the needle on overall emissions reduction.


  • Measure, manage, and mitigate upstream supply chain emissions
  • Gather and prepare accurate scope 3, category 1 emissions data for a third-party audit
  • Stay up-to-date on evolving emissions factors and calculation methodologies to ensure alignment with changing legal and regulatory landscapes


To address these challenges and manage emissions in line with its targets, Dell needed a more centralized way to collect, analyze, and report on supplier-specific emissions data. 

The Dell team began using Optera’s Supply Chain Manager software in 2018 to help track supplier data for a subset of its supply chain. As its sustainability goals became increasingly ambitious, Dell expanded its supplier reach to get more comprehensive, actionable insights.  

Dell is now tracking and analyzing supplier-specific emissions for over 90% of its supply chain — including direct and indirect suppliers — all within Optera’s Supply Chain Manager. Within the tool, the Dell team can visualize supplier data, identify emissions hotspots along the supply chain, and understand progress against its targets. 

In addition to using the platform to better understand its scope 3, category 1 emissions, Dell also engages Optera’s expert client services team on the implications of the evolving regulatory and disclosure landscape on our reporting and to support its third-party data auditing process. Though the verification and audit process can be time-consuming, Dell has been able to speed up the time to complete its audit by using the combined power of the Optera team and the Supply Chain Manager platform to clearly outline the methodology and answer questions from the auditor.

Dell is making real progress toward improving its emissions data accuracy and gaining a better understanding of its supply chain emissions profile. This data will be used to help its team make data-backed emission reduction decisions. To learn more about Dell’s climate efforts, check out Dell’s Advancing Sustainability Webpage

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of supply chain spend tracked on Supply Chain Manager, including direct emissions and data maturity of suppliers.

68,170 mtCO2e

of GHG emissions avoided through energy consumption reduction projects at supplier factories.

Recognized Leader

One of two organizations recognized by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs for maintaining high performance standards in its supply chain environmental management.

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