About Us

We are a knowledgeable team that enjoys working with industry leaders and those just beginning their sustainability journeys.
Our Vision

Optera's platform and services will enable thousands of companies across the globe to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Our Name

Our name (‘Op-teh-ruh’) blends two root words: Optic (a lens providing insight) and terra (a focus on the earth). It is also inspired by the Monarch Butterfly, a member of the Lepidoptera family, a species that makes an annual 3000-mile migration and one that is highly susceptible to climate change.

Our Journey

As with any good software story, Optera’s begins with a giant trove of data. The company’s founders were key contributors to ground-breaking publications Winning the Oil Endgame, Reinventing Fire and The 3% Solution – publications that informed the foundations of corporate climate action.

These studies culminated in a report called The Climate Has Changed – a report commissioned to launch the influential We Mean Business Coalition. To research corporate climate action for this report, Optera’s founders were given access to the complete history of data reported to the global corporate environmental impact disclosure system, CDP. The analysis of this large and unexplored dataset showed that the decisions of risk managers, investors and executives was starting to change, sending a powerful signal that a course correction is underway and where it should go.  There was another key takeaway: that a software platform would be needed to make the key insights actionable by decision-makers inside companies.

Software for Managing & Reporting

The Optera Platform began as a skunk-works project called Flagstaff RPO (Resource Portfolio Optimization), or Flagstaff for short. At the time, the project was housed inside the sustainability innovation firm POINT380, which has since become Optera. From the beginning, Optera leveraged insights from its work on many corporate emissions inventories to develop a robust backend database. This “database of record” now supports the sustainability programs of a growing number of Fortune 500 companies and their suppliers.

With the foundation of the database complete, Optera turned to developing new analytical tools to enable platform users to go beyond generating summary data for annual reports. These tools help users to benchmark performance, to prioritize investments, to improve data quality, and to access granular operational data at the facility-level.

Software for Supply Chain

One analytic in particular intrigued Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE). The Climate Point Ratio is a proprietary analytic that allows the reported emissions of any group of companies to be compared to each other and to science-based target pathways. HPE saw the potential to use this analytic in supply-chain management. Optera, in partnership with HPE, developed the analytic into a methodology to set science-based emissions goals for a supply chains. HPE and Optera subsequently used this methodology to set the world’s first supply chain science-based target.

Building on this work, Optera collaborated with HPE, Dell and other leaders in the tech industry to develop a supply chain management toolset within the Optera Platform. This toolset permits shared access to a common set of data and analytics that enables companies and their suppliers to collaborate on the transition to a climate-neutral supply chain.


Today, Optera’s wings are still unfolding. We continue to leverage insights from 20 years of developing innovative solutions with NGOs, industry leaders and all the companies we support. At present, we are working to expand our climate solutions to all industry sectors. Our team believes that scaling solutions to corporate climate action is the most important work most of us will do in our lives. We invite you to join us on the journey.

Our Mission

We enable the corporate sector to stop climate change.

Major corporations are the largest emitters of carbon emissions. Our team designs and delivers the sustainability management solutions that enable companies to reduce the climate impacts of their operations, supply chains and products.


Fortune 100 IT Company

The Optera team is top-notch, creative and extremely tactical. They have been invaluable to me.

Optera is a cutting-edge sustainability information platform that has diverse features essential to accelerating environmental action, from setting, tracking, and achieving energy and sustainability goals, to developing project budgets and investment plans.

Optera’s tools and team are one of the best investments we’ve made. Their ability to help us develop and amplify our sustainability program has been invaluable.

Our Team

 Our knowledgeable and innovative team dedicates their skills, talents, and time to deliver tangible sustainability solutions to our clients.

Clise Icon Siddarth Sharma Data Analyst Role:

Siddarth supports software and technical consulting engagements


Prior to Optera, Siddarth worked for CenturyLink where he developed a data analytics solution to find gaps, improvement opportunities and boost business performance.

Siddarth Sharma Data Analyst View Bio
Clise Icon Michelle Martin Data Analyst Role:

Michelle supports software and technical consulting engagements


Prior to Optera, Michelle worked at Liberty Oilfield Services, where she led database implementation and management and provided advanced operations analytics reporting.

Michelle Martin Data Analyst View Bio
Clise Icon Kelvin Davis Junior Software Engineer Role:

Kelvin supports both the front and backend development of Optera's products.


Kelvin supported multiple overseas missions as a Unit Deployment Manager in the US Air Force. Prior to Optera, Kelvin optimized and automated everyday solutions using Python.

Kelvin Davis Junior Software Engineer View Bio
Clise Icon Andrew Schlaepfer Software Engineer Role:

Andrew builds out and supports Optera's user interface.


Andrew is an experienced project leader, open-source contributor and scrum master. Prior to Optera, Andrew supported front-end software development at Bloomberg L.P.

Andrew Schlaepfer Software Engineer View Bio
Clise Icon Manjula Rimmalapudi Software Engineer Role:

Manjula builds out and supports Optera's APIs and infrastructure.


Manjula’s software experience ranges from design, development and maintenance to web-based applications. Prior to Optera, Manjula worked at TrackBack.

Manjula Rimmalapudi Software Engineer View Bio
Clise Icon Blake Mackey Principal Consultant, Strategy & Reporting Role:

Blake leads Optera’s Strategy & Reporting services


Blake has extensive experience leading complex projects and supporting public sustainability disclosures. Prior to Optera, Blake worked at Deloitte.

Blake Mackey Principal Consultant, Strategy & Reporting View Bio
Clise Icon Ilya Sukhanov Principal Software Engineer Role:

Ilya leads Optera's engineering team and the design of platform architecture.


Ilya is a skilled and experienced technical lead engineer with more than a decade of experience in the computer software industry. Prior to Optera, Ilya worked at Simple Energy and Uplight.

Ilya Sukhanov Principal Software Engineer View Bio
Clise Icon Colette Crouse Director, Client Services Role:

Colette leads client engagements and Optera’s data analysis team.


Colette has supported the sustainability programs of numerous Fortune 500s. Prior to Optera, Colette worked for the City of Boulder’s climate office.

Colette Crouse Director, Client Services View Bio
Clise Icon Tim Weiss Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer Role:

Tim oversees the design, development and strategy of the Optera Platform.


Tim has spearheaded thought-leading work with the World Economic Forum and Fortune 500 companies across many industries. Prior to Optera, Tim worked for AES Distributed Energy and Uncharted.

Tim Weiss Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer View Bio
Clise Icon Ty Colman Co-Founder, COO Role:

Ty oversees Optera’s sales and client services.


Ty has spent nearly two decades supporting the sustainability programs of Fortune 500 companies in nearly every major industry. Prior to Optera, Ty worked for Domani Consulting.

Ty Colman Co-Founder, COO View Bio
Clise Icon Jason Denner Co-Founder, CEO Role:

Jason is responsible for Optera’s long-term strategy and vision.


Jason has contributed to influential corporate sustainability publications such as Reinventing Fire, The 3% Solution, and Green. Prior to Optera, Jason worked at the sustainability think tank RMI.

Jason Denner Co-Founder, CEO View Bio